SOUSAKU can be translated from Japanese to mean "production or creation work" in English.   Everyone of our dishes is carefully designed to be one of a kind.


Our unique twist on Japanese food!

Sousaku Bistro specialized in Japanese tapas.  Small plates of dishes blended with our original sauces and spices to make your taste buds delighted with excitement.  The chef has put his stamp on the offerings by fusing classic Japanese cuisine with contemporary trends in the culinary world.

Our Sake Cocktails will brighten your day!

Sake's unique flavors and texture can elevate a cocktail, allowing our bartenders to experiment with new flavor combinations for new twists on old standbys and entirely new creative products altogether.  Our sake cocktails are crafted with light, fragrant flavors that enhance the natural flavor of the sake, rather than bury it.  If you are not a big fan of sake, no problem! We have various drinks selection from Taiwan No.1 KA VA LAN Whiskey to Japanese premium rice beer.

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Executive Chef

Wan Chi "Boky" Chu is the creative and innovative Executive Chef at Sousaku Bistro in Malden, Massachusetts.  Since taking over as Executive Chef, he has made the menu his own by introducing a fresh, modern, contemporary, edgy new take on fusion cuisine.

Boky Chu was born/raised in Taiwan and speaks both Mandarin and Japanese.  He always had an interest in food since he was a young child.  His culinary career began in 1999 when he was 16 years old.

In Taiwan, after Boky Chu graduated from a cooking school in 1999, he first started his career at Furukawa Japanese Restaurant - a traditional Japanese style restaurant where he would later become a cooking chef.  In 2004, he took a cooking chef position at Wasabi Japanese Fusion Restaurant in Grand Formosa Regent Taipei - A Four Seasons Hotel in order to accumulate his knowledge and confidence in cooking.  In 2006, he seized the opportunity to work at Ebiten Japanese Cuisine as a Head Chef to manage and coordinate a team of excellent chefs.  This position led him to an opportunity to come over to the United States.

Chef Boky Chu's passion for food grows every day and he love sharing that passion with others.

​Wan Chi Chu



166 Eastern Avenue,
Malden, MA 02148
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Municipal Lot on the corner of Centre and Ferry Street behind the Dockside Restaurant. Partially metered

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